Waiting for the Apocalypse

Waiting for the Apocalypse 

There are 4 horses of the Apocalypse 

Black famine/greed White conquest/power 

Pale death Red war/conflict 

These phenomena impact us on both a personal and global level 

We live in a world of uncertainty and unpredictability. Life is constantly presenting us with challenges, change and the unknown. 

We live in communities that value routine and ritual – we reinforce our life patterns as safe spaces to exist in. We protect ourselves with repetition and habitual routines. We work, we chat we shop, we eat, we make uncharitable remarks about our neighbours. 

We soothe ourselves from the impact of global events through the rituals of our daily lives. These patterns are evident in our speech, our stories, our symbols and even in our histories. 

We have the capacity for noble things and we strive for meaning through Science, The Arts and Religion. All 3 share the common and overlapping themes of Creation, End of Days and Rebirth