Women in Art

‘Women in Art’ is an ongoing art intervention that explores the places and spaces inhabited by women in Art.

This Intervention was started in 2018 and to date has had placements in the toilets of established galleries in five European cities

Milan Intervention 1

What is made is mostly designed by men ….Break the Glass Ceiling

Milan Intervention 2

Women in the Fashion Industry….Don’t wear Discrimination

London Tate Modern

80% of Buildings are Designed by Men…..The need for = Representation is Real

London Tate Britain

Women Reclining …..Mind the Gap

London National Gallery

Vulnerable Available Submissive …… Change the Story

Berlin Intervention 1

Woman as Object

Berlin Intervention 2

What we know about our culture is only half of the story

Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid

It is easier to see a Virgin Birth than a Woman Artist

Museo Reina Sofia Madrid

Make Women in Art a Fact not a Fad

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid

Galleries define Culture Art defines the Archetype


The Male Gaze