Women in Art

Milan Intervention 1

What is made is mostly designed by men ….Break the Glass Ceiling

Milan Intervention 2

Women in the Fashion Industry….Don’t wear Discrimination

London Tate Modern

80% of Buildings are Designed by Men…..The need for = Representation is Real

London Tate Britain

Women Reclining …..Mind the Gap

London National Gallery

Vulnerable Available Submissive …… Change the Story

Berlin Intervention 1

Woman as Object

Berlin Intervention 2

What we know about our culture is only half of the story

Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid

It is easier to see a Virgin Birth than a Woman Artist

Museo Reina Sofia Madrid

Make Women in Art a Fact not a Fad

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid

Galleries define Culture Art defines the Archetype


The Male Gaze